Just the ordinary one….

am I unwanted?

I’m jealous, murky, angry, isolated

with display like a walking punch of flour

you can see me working and working for hours…


I’m tortured among crowded

I can’t enjoy all parties and dates

I just love to hide in the corner

Coz i have bad social traumatic deeper


You can see my lips closed

Or suddenly burst and overload

I just don’t wanna make the others hurt

But i always found they are like wolf


My past was very bad

I lost all what i get

Now I try to wake up

Although i realize i never enough


I hide my tears in the corner

I will display as a stronger

I just wanna be a survivor

Coz this world for me too cruel


i have no one to lean on

i have no one say love but gone

i learn to accept once

coz im just the ordinary one

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